photography promo video

Jesse Weiner // Denver Promotional Videographer

Jesse Weiner is a bicoastal photographer I met when visiting a friend in Boston. Not only was I inspired by the amazing work he did, but I was impressed with his professionalism, his way of working with clients, and his need to create beautiful images. He has been hired by Billy Bell to photograph dancers in his Lunge Dance Collective around the States. One of these locations was Denver. It was great to have him stay for a few days and watch him work with six incredible dancers in my studio. I put together a short promotional/behind the scenes for his website while he was down. Take a look!  

Mario Masitti Studios // Denver Promotional Videographer

Mario Masitti is one of the most talented photographers I know. He has the ability to see light and work with a subject like few people I know. What really makes him unique is his ability to understand what the client wants, and deliver exactly that. We got together on this shoot because model Amy Lee needed to revamp her entire portfolio. The shoot took place over two days covering Niwot, downtown Denver, and everywhere in between. I love these behind the scenes photography videos because you get to see the process as well as the final product. You get to understand what working with the photographer is like. You get a feel for what working with the model is like. We had an incredible team putting this production together. Jessica from Salon Misha covered everything hair, Tiffany from Blush Artistry and Company did amazing makeup, and the shoot was styled by Justice at JTA.