denver wedding videography

Beautiful Wedding at the Seawell Ballroom in Denver // Sarah + Nathan

Weddings are filled with happiness, fun, dancing, love and so much more. This wedding had it all. But mostly, it had the most adorable, compatible, and loving couple I have ever met. Sarah and Nathan. 

It was a beautiful wedding that started at the Four Seasons in Denver and ended at the Seawell Ballroom. Every detail was thought out and had a little bit of Sarah and Nathan in them. Best of luck for the two of you!

Romantic Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding // Elise + Nick

Elise and Nick are my favorite. I've never seen so many smiles on the wedding day and her son is the most adorable dude ever. Their notes to each other were so precious and it reminds why a film is the perfect way to capture your wedding. You can hear the emotion in each word, and watching this again ten, twenty, fifty years down the road it will mean so much more. 

I loved shooting at the Sanctuary Golf Course. The views are second to none and it really shows how amazing Colorado can be no matter the season. So glad they braved the cold to share their love. 

Sarah and Drew // Noodle Till the End of Time

When I get asked "Michael, if you could do video of anything, what would it be?" They are always surprised when I say "Weddings." There is something about watching a couple go from nervous laughter while getting ready, to tears before they walk down the isle, to smiles that wont stop after the ceremony. It is all amazing, just like Sarah and Drew. Sarah love every moment of the day. She kept asking me "Isn't this place amazing?! Aren't my bridesmaids awesome?! I love him so much, isn't he just incredible?" Yes. Yes to all of it. Drew was calm and collected all the way up until he read his vows, where we could all tell how much each of those words meant to him. All of this was topped off by the incredible views of Arrowhead Golf Course and the beautiful details and finishing touches. I would like to introduce you now to Sarah and Drew.

Rebecca and Nate // I Choose You

Nate and Rebecca are adorable together, You can tell just by the way they look at each other. This incredible wedding was at Della Terra in Estes Park. They came in from Minnesota and brought both their love and accents with them. What an incredible start to the 2012 wedding season.

Studio Sister | Denver Promotional Videographer

Maria rocks. She has an awesome smile. Maria wanted a short 30 second clip to play when people visited her website to show them how much fun it would be to have her at their wedding. Its easy to see that she loves what she does and she puts her heart into every image. The wedding was at the Manor House in Littleton, and that is an incredible venue.

Behind the Scenes: A Four Seasons Wedding

We wanted to do something really special to show of the hard work, time, and precision it takes to set up a once in a lifetime event at the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver. A time lapse was our answer. It takes around nine hours from start to finish to go from an empty room to a dream venue. I had a blast because normally I only spend a half hour documenting the set up process to give a feel for a wedding day. Getting video of nine hours of set up I really understood what venues and vendors do to make this an incredible experience. Here are some of the amazing vendors involved. Venue - Four Seasons Hotel Denver

Planner - Table 6 Productions, Heather Allen

Linens - Chair Covers & Linens, Tamara Wilkinson

Lighting & Draping - LMD Productions, Rodd Metcalf

Floral - The Perfect Petal, Cindy Ollig

Eli Powell // Denver Promotional Photographer

Eli is a wedding photographer up in Boulder who does some amazing work. Eli wanted a behind the scenes video to give his future clients an idea of what it is like to shoot with him. We went with something upbeat and fun because thats exactly what it is like to shoot with him. Promotional videos like these are great to set yourself apart. Video is so intriguing and interactive, people love to just sit and watch what their experience is going to be like.

Libby + Clayton // I Can't Wait

Libby and Clayton got married at a beautiful ranch near Canon City. There were horses, ducks, dogs, and many more animals everywhere! It was so peaceful. I met Libby and Clayton on their wedding day. The officiant said during the ceremony, "I don't think anyone can be in Libby or Claytons presence for more than 30 seconds without feeling the need to smile" and I was no exception.

LeAnn + Brandon // The One That Always Makes Me Smile

LeAnn and Brandon are going to have some beautiful kids, of this I am sure. LeAnn is so caring and Brandon is so loving, you can hear it, you can see it and you can feel it. This was still one of the most beautiful wedding venues I have ever shot, the YMCA of the Rockies. I have to admit the Rockies are one of the main things that brought me out here about 7 years ago. My favorite part of this wedding were their vows to each other. Anytime a couple adds a personal touch to the ceremony, it becomes so much more meaningful. LeAnn could barely get her words out, and she had everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for what she was going to say next. You not only hear her words, but you feel them too. Knowing LeAnn and Brandon, It was a perfect place to get married for them. They are mountain kids to the fullest, and they seemed so at home at the top of the peak in Estes Park.