The 15 Minute iMovie Course


The 15 Minute iMovie Course

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Here it is! If the very thought of editing footage makes you sweat bullets. This is for you. If you want to make a movie today, and start booking (and more interesting) clients today, then this course is for you! Instantly download it right now!

When you are finished with this course you will:

  • You will know how to cut professional, highlight videos.
  • You will understand how to add music to increase emotion to your videos.
  • Utilize the 8 most important shortcuts to save you time.
  • Create incredible promotional or highlight content for you and your clients

I am SO confident that you will be able to start editing your videos quickly and easily that I am including a DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee! If you still find video editing too hard and you weren't able to edit without pulling your hair out, I will give you double your money back. 

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