iMovie Beginner & Advanced Course


iMovie Beginner & Advanced Course

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Get both beginning and advanced video tutorials and be ready to make professional videos in 30 minutes. I'm confident after you get the basics down you will want to use iMovie to the fullest and will be ready for the advanced features. Get them together to save. 

- 15 Minute iMovie Course for Beginners

- Advanced iMovie Course that covers color correction, stabilization, titles, workflow, transitions and more

- Recommended gear sheet to get you using the right equipment

- Sample footage shot by me so you can edit right beside me

- 8 Shortcuts to Cutting Your Workflow Time in Half

I am SO confident that you will be able to start editing your videos quickly and easily that I am including a DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee! If you still find video editing too hard and you weren't able to edit without pulling your hair out, I will give you double your money back. 

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